Stephanie Khyne is married to David Khyne and they have two lovely children, Aliya and Elisha. Stephanie has been working as an artist, for nearly 20 yrs. She has painted for a children's theater, in Saginaw, Michigan, and the Kalamazoo Civic Theater, taught art at a local private school, as well as, to home-school students. She  teaches Oil Painting, Fiber Art,and co-teaches a play production class with the home-school group L.A.M.P. (Lighthouse Academic Marcellus Partnership). She acts as photographer for the Weaver's Guild of Kalamazoo and a local M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Preschoolers) chapter. Stephanie has been a member of New City Church for 15 yrs., where she has painted and displayed prophetic. Stephanie will be teaching the Prophetic Art Workshop. 

Prophetic Art Workshop

God is sharing something , specifically, with you, in your language. Some of what He is sharing with you, is for you and part of your 

growing relationship with Him; some of what He is sharing with you

is for others. 

 On Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th, from 10am-12pm, we will be hosting a Prophetic Art Workshop with Stephanie and her husband, David, to teach you a way to begin releasing what God has given you. We will do a brief teaching about prophetic art, in the church, creativity and the 'myth' of talent; then we will explore working with a variety of art materials, to create a mixed media art journal, to be used during the Fire and Glory conference.

A fee of $10.00 per person, will be charged to cover the cost of materials. No experience is necessary. 

Note: There will be a limit of 20 students, per class.


 Speaker schedule TBA

Friday, the 29th

10am        Prophetic Art Workshop (pre-registration is required).

  1pm        Session 1  Worship- Jacob Friess

                                    Word- Pastors Scott and Alicia Nelson

  7pm       Session 2   Worship- New City Worship Team

                                     Word- Debi Capito

Saturday, the 30th

   1pm      Session 3    Worship- TBA

                                     Word- Pastors Scott and Alicia Nelson

   7pm     Session 4     Worship-New City Worship Team

                                      Word- Tom Stolz   

Sunday, the 31st           

   11am     Session 5    Worship- New City Worship Team

                                      Word- Debi Capito

Recommended Lodging for the Event:

Hampton Inn, Kalamazoo

2610 Airview Blvd, , Kalamazoo, MI 49001,

USA TEL: +1-269-343-0400

Ask for the New City Church conference rate.

Register for the Event


~Speakers & Workshop Hosts~

Debi Capito carries an incredible heart for the huting, and ministers in inner-healing and deliverance ministry, as well as, prophetic declaration with signs and wonders, following. She has miinistered in various ministry leadership roles,

including the Healing Rooms, in Spokane, Washington. 

Debi earned an AA degree, in pastoral ministry, at

Brownesville Revival School of Ministry, in 2000, as well

as, earning credentials with The american Association

of Christian Counselors. Debi is widowed and has 3

children: Windy, her daughter, on earth, Jenny, her 

daughter, in Heaven, and Johnathan, her son. Debi has

an impactful and moving testimony, as she has exper-

ienced, first hand, the loving and forgiving arms of The

Father, in her own life's journey. She, now ministers hope and healing to prodigals from the LIFE and LOVE she has received! Her biggest passion is

INTIMACY with Jesus! Everything stems from that.

 Debi has received a NOW prophetic word for the Kalamazoo region, after a 

time of fasting and prayer. You don't want to miss this dynamic lioness!

                                      Fire and Glory 2015

                We want to welcome you to our FIRE & GLORY EVENT, this may 29-31st, 2015!!

               This is an exciting time in our ministry, as well as in church history! We believe

               God is up to BIG Things, and we want to position ourselves to receive more of

               the Holy Spirit's outpouring  in our generation, and to partner with Jesus, to

               establish His Kingdom,  here in Michigan, and beyond!

               This will be an event with extravagant worship, spontaneous, creative and artistic

               release, deep Holy Spirit connection, along with extraordinary prophetic and revelatory

               preaching of The Word with extended times of prophetic, personal prayer ministry and

               impartation. Also, an active  KIDS PRAYER ROOM will be open during the  event!

               If you are desiring more of The Lord, this is this event for you!!

               Hope to see you there!- Pastor Alicia

                The Purpose of this conference:

                Positioning, Preparation, and Proclamation, concerning what The Lord has done,

               and concerning what The Lord is revealing, what is on His heart to release to the 

               Church, His Bride, in a season of Fire and Glory.

               The intent being that we should, "Arise, Shine" in "such a time as this," and

               demonstrate The Kingdom of The Son of His Love. - Pastor Scott

                            This Fire and Glory event is totally free of cost, this year, but we do need

                            you to visit our registration page and fill out the form to be admitted!

                                                 Free-will offerings will be taken, during the event.







Tom Stolz lives in Klamazoo, Michigan, with his wife,

Samantha and their 3 sons, Noah, Jonah, and Luke.

He and his wife lead the children's ministry, here at

New City. Tom is passionate about people-young

and old, alike, learning to live wholeheartedly for

Jesus. Tom, frequently, teaches on topics, related

to the end-times, The Sermon on the Mount, the importance of night and

day-prayer. Tom, also carries a strong revelatory, anointing.

Lighthouse Kids' Ministry will be open and available for all ages,

3 and up, during each session, during the Fire and Glory Event, right after

worship has ended. (While the message is being given.).

Children are encouraged to attend!

Donations for the kids' ministry will be accepted.

Also, a nursery room will be available for parents with babies.

A Message from Debi, 

A Message from Tom, Concerning the Kids'

Ministry ,During the Conference

What Tom has to say about the Fire and Glory, and what it means to him.

A Message from Our Pastors, Concerning God's

Response as We Release a Corporate Sound.

If you are going to register for either of The Prophetic Art Workshops,

please visit our Registration Page to register and indicate below,

which class you will be attending. 

Note: You may pay through our donate page, or wait and pay at the 

door, but you need to register, so that we may plan, accordingly.