We are excited and honored to host Jesse and Amy Shamp this November 30-Dec 2,  in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

Part of our mandate and calling as New City Church, is to host the Presence and Glory of the Lord in our region. We believe that we are called to identify and invite those who carry the GLORY REALM of God into our city!
A city without the Glory and manifestation of Jesus, as described in the Word of God, is a city lost in darkness.
Jesse and Amy carry God’s Glory! We invite you to come and receive a mighty impartation!!

We will have honored seating and gift bags for youth 13-30yrs as well as pastors and ministry leaders.

Jesse and Amy Shamp are the founders of Kingdom Culture International and live in Nashville, TN.
Jesse and Amy are dynamic speakers, authors, and appointed prophetic voices for this hour. Both Jesse and Amy have powerful testimonies of radical transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit; through their stories, many have been healed and set free! Signs, wonders, and miracles follow their ministry, and they are passionate about leading others to salvation through the demonstration of the gospel. Jesse has a new book, “Miracles in the Glory”, available for sale now!

Jesse is the brother of prophet Charlie Shamp who is known internationally for his accurate and powerful prophetic and miracle mantle.

For years, I ran from the call of God on my life. I was much like Jonah, running from God! I didn't know my identity; I had no idea the authority and power I could walk in through Christ. After years of living a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, and finding myself in and out of rehabs, I had a powerful encounter with Jesus in a jail cell. In that moment, my entire life changed! After completing the faith-based program, Teen Challenge, I was set free by the power of God, commissioned to bring others out of darkness, and mandated to share the gospel through miracles, signs, and wonders!

Since then, Amy and I have seen God perform incredible miracles, such as cancer healed, metal dissolve, deaf ears open, blind eyes open, & so many more amazing wonders!

I was a small town girl from Alabama, with big dreams and a burning hunger for God. I was baptized by the Holy Spirit and preached my first sermon when I was 17 years old. I knew that God had called me to preach the gospel, but within a year I was diagnosed with cancer. When you are called to do something, the enemy wants to attack you in the very area of your calling and destiny! After surviving cancer, the enemy hit me where it hurt most: I lost my mother to cancer. Through that experience, God laid a mandate on my life: to see people healed of terminal illnesses at all costs. After a radical encounter with the spirit of revelation, the Lord deposited in me a revelation to see people healed and set free from sickness, disease, and fear! Jesse and I have both seen many healed by the power of God, including stage four cancer, deaf ears, blind eyes, metal dissolving, legs growing out, and even more!


FRIDAY, NOV. 30 - 7pm

SAT, DEC. 1 - 7pm

SUN. DEC. 2 - 11am